Location, Location, Location

Dear writers: when it’s a gray and gloomy day outside, find a place to write that inspires you. Pretend you’re not in your house but instead a villa that you’ve rented for the week. The dishes, the lawn, the errands — those are someone else’s problems. Right now, all you need to worry about is hot coffee/cocoa, a roaring fire, and words on the page.

This is my writing spot:

Feel free to snag this picture for your desktop if you don’t have access to a space of your own. You can pretend those are your cute feet. You can even pretend that this is a Real Fire — unfortunately, this is one of those gas-burning jobbers that gives me a wicked headache after about ten minutes.

*I* like to pretend I’m on the floor in front of the fireplace at WoodThrush Woods, drinking some of Mary Robinette Kowals‘ parents’ lovely jasmine tea or hot chocolate supply. The winter writers retreats were always my favorite.

[Picture easter egg — those of you who were at WFC in Saratoga will recognize that brilliant blue bottle in the window…]

Now, shut out the rest of the world, clear your mind, take a deep breath, and write, my friends.