Spoiler Reviews

I love reviewers. Love them. Especially when they  1.) are nice to me and 2.) spell my name correctly.

Like this review in particular, from the Pittsburgh Tribune (warning: spoilers!). “A raucous Halloween production,” they say — which I appreciate simply for the use of the word “raucous.” They praise my clever idea and Bob’s exuberant art, and list it among four other books “ideally suited for Halloween.” I couldn’t be more pleased.

But — and if you’ve read AlphaOops: H is for Halloween you’ll know it immediately — they put a spoiler in the review (thus the warning). Come on, guys. I know you’re going to have to read it to your kids 200 times and the magic’s just not going to be there sometime after the 186th…but do you have any idea how DIFFICULT it is to build suspense in a 40-page book with only slightly more words than are in your review?

Let me just tell you: it’s difficult.

I know it probably seems silly to you, since you’re all grown up and stuff, but I don’t want to know (for example) who or what The Monster at the End of this Book is. The first time I read it, I want to have that little thrill of surprise. My gift, after that, is watching that same thrill in all the children I read it to. Don’t ruin that.

Or, at least, please put a spoiler warning in your header like the rest of us.

Happy Halloween!