“Black Hole Sun” Interview

Over on the website Jason’s created for DARK FUTURES, Kelli and I have a cool little interview posted about “Black Hole Sun.”

Find out our dystopian favorites, our fears for the future, and the blood, sweat, and tears behind “Black Hole Sun”!

Tell us, in brief, what your story is about.
AK: Erica and Seth, two estranged teenage friends, reconnect after hearing the news that the world is ending.

KO: The apocalypse through the eyes of teenagers and their technology: Twitter, email, etc.

What was the inspiration/genesis of your story?
AK: In this technological age where almost everyone is connected by a global social network, kids will still be kids. Life still happens. Shit still happens. And being friends still means something.

KO: Writing a story together we wanted to take on a character each, and do something different with it. So we chose to utilize technology and teens to tell the story of the future through the tools of today.

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