I <3 Seth Green

Hillery, my BFF down under, sent this video to me. You might have seen it before. I am going to share it with you on this fine Sunday morn because:

1.) It makes me smile. Hopefully, it will make you smile too.
2.) I am a geek girl
3.) I am a gamer girl too (tho not as much as I used to be)
4.) I miss Final Fantasy 7.
5.) There is a dual-lightsaber in my closet.
6.) I freaking LOVE Seth Green, and I will probably watch this video 1700 times just to see him rap.
7.) If you are a geek, you will appreciate the cameos.
8.) If you are a boy, you will appreciate the costumes.
9.) If you are a girl, you will completely understand. Unless you’re not a geek. In which case, how the heck did you stumble onto this blog? (Except for you, Mom. You can come here whenever you want because we love you.)
10.) I want to think of me when you’re humming this in the shower three days from now.

Hope you’re having a great weekend, everybody.

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