New Books ISO Author Shelf

One of the greatest things an author can get in the mail is his or her contributor copies. Sometimes it’s a giant box like George McFly…sometimes (especially with anthologies), it’s only one or two copies. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve received a copy of H is for Halloween (being auctioned off tomorrow 9am CST at Do The Write Thing for Nashville), a copy of Dark Faith, and a copy of Pill Hill Press’s Four Horsemen anthology. I can’t wait to put them all on my author shelf, step back, review the spines, and feel a lovely sense of accomplishment.

The only problem? With all this moving I don’t HAVE a shelf. How pathetic is that?

We all know you’re going to preorder your copy of AlphaOops nice and early from your local independent bookstore…but you can get DARK FAITH and FOUR HORSEMEN right now!

Click here to order a copy of Dark Faith.

Click here to order a copy of Four Horsemen.

You can always put them on YOUR shelves…and then send me a picture to make me jealous.