How ’bout *them* apples?

Carson: Who wants to play “Apples to Apples”? [the Junior Edition, because he’s six]

Lee: Me!

Chloe: Not me.

Everybody Else: (grumble)

Lee: Somebody has to play with us. Two people can’t play…

Gypsy: Justin will play with you.

Justin: Sure, okay.

(Rip-roaring game of “Apples to Apples” ensues. Did I mention I freaking love this game? Wackiness and hilarity, people. Eventually, we get to the final round.)

Carson: (the judge of this particular round) The word is “Sour”.

Justin: (plays his card) Tee hee!

Lee: (plays her card) *giggle*

Carson: (consults the cards completely straight-faced) Hmm. “Play Doh” and “My Grandma.” (pauses.) Wow. That’s hard.

(Justin and Lee burst into a fit of giggles.)

Carson: (after serious deliberation) I’m going to have to go with “Play Doh.”

Lee: YESSSSSSSSS! All mine, baybee.