Audio: “Dying With Her Cheer Pants On”

Jason Sizemore and I have been dancing around the idea of my doing podcast readings for Apex — I had a ton of fun doing the audio versions of “Foiled” and “The Giant & The Unicorn” (from Shimmer — coming soon!)

Ladies and gentlemen — the Apex Audio Revolution has come! My first audio ever of SOMEONE ELSE’S WORK is now up: Seanan McGuire’s “Dying With Her Cheer Pants On.” (Click here to listen — it’s about 16 minutes long.) The story is about a group of high school cheerleaders — The Fighting Pumpkins — and their last ditch effort to save the world when Aliens invade during homecoming. The story itself was a blast, and doing all the voices for the cheerleaders — and the cheering — was similarly so.

Interesting issues come up when you’re not the writer of the piece, though. Like…for example…the correct pronunciation of the author’s name! Seanan (pronounced “Shawn-in”) was very sweet and patient with my silly queries. And now I want to steal her name for a story character.

Bookmark that Apex site — there will be new audio fiction content every month! I’ll also do my best to poke you and remind you. Especially when it’s me reading.Leave a comment when you stop by to let Jason know you were there!