The 2010 Award Pimpage Post

I’ve always found this brand of year-in-review post — typically done by my favorite authors in the first week of January — far more considerate and helpful than self-serving. I know who my favorite authors are and I’ve read their stories…but gods help me if I can remember when they were all published.

Plus, it’s nice to have all of this stuff compiled in one place. I only hope this post is as helpful to you as it has been for me.

Most of these are available to read for free on the internet — I encourage you to check them out. Just click on the story titles.

And hey…there’s always the Hugo for Best Fan Blog…

Best Short Story:

“A Poor Man’s Roses”Apex Magazine

“The Giant & The Unicorn” — Shimmer, Clockwork Jungle Issue

“The Monster & Mrs. Blake”The Story Station

“The Witch of Black Mountain” Harlan County Horrors (anthology)

“La Reine Rouge” — from my blog, for “Kill Brian Keene Day” (to benefit the Shirley Jackson Awards)

Best Graphic Story:

“Diary of a Mad Scientist Garden Gnome”Thaumatrope month-long Twitter serial, illustrated by J. K. Lee. The link will take you to a Picasa Gallery where you can view each day’s illustrations — the Tweets are below in the comments section. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to an online picture book, really.


“Rabbit in the Moon”Everyday Weirdness


“Teen Angel, Dark”Weird Tales Growing Up Poe issue

“Here Lies an Era” — Apex Magazine

“The Still & The Storm” — Apex Magazine

…and of course, all the various and sundry ones from this blog. The highlights of which are probably “The Friendly Skies” and “Susan Boyle: It Takes One to Know One” Have you got a favorite from 2009?

Best Dramatic Presentation (short form):

Heeheeheehee…okay, maybe not. But I think that video I put together to apply for the job on that barrier island in Australia should at least get a shot, don’t you?


“Foiled” — Alex Magazine


Lora Innes, Ken Scholes, Nick Mamatas, J. F. Lewis, David Macinnis Gill, C. C. Finlay, Diana Rowland, Alfred Martino, Leanna Hieber, Cherie Priest, Sarah Pinborough, Daniel Waters, Peter S. Beagle