Because We’re Insane

Two seriously crazy geeks.

Eddie and I are in the Barnes & Noble at the Avenue. The weekend before Xmas. We came for the Starbucks & wifi. I’m going to download this Memorex Label Design Studio and print these labels if it kills me. (It just might kill me.) This would be SO freaking easy if the desktop weren’t dead. Did you know you can get a Canon color printer at Wal Mart for $30? No kidding. Cheaper than ink.

I’m sure everybody in line looked at me funny when I opened up my Jolly Roger computer bag and pulled out two laptops — an HP and a Macbook — each with their own Van Gogh schticker (HP has Starry Night & Mac has Apple Blossoms…because it’s ironic) — and proceeded to boot them both up. I’m ambicomputerous. Today, it’s coming in handy. Now I get to blog on the Mac while Eddie tries to find the Memorex software for the PC. Why is this hard to find? For that matter, why are decent CD labels so hard to find nowadays? No dice at 2 Wal Marts, K-Mart, or Target. Thank goodness for Staples. Silly Memorex.

One day I suppose I’ll get one of those printers that prints directly on to the CD. Do those things really work?