One, Two–Princes Who Adore You

Know what’s awesome?
Jamie & Bobby Deen.

Paula Deen‘s sons, in case you’re not familiar. They were late for their visit here, but they were worth every minute. Such kind, jovial, down-to-earth Southern gentlemen–they made you want to pull up a rocking chair and offer them some sweet tea. The folks here could have talked to them all day…and I had the sense that they wouldn’t have minded one bit.

As soon as Jamie mentioned he had a three-year-old son, I made a mental note. I made a beeline to the front of the autograph line so I could hightail it back to my desk and personalize a copy of AlphaOops for him. I like being able to give the house authors who come here a gift for their children. I know–as authors themselves–they really, really appreciate it. And they did. Before my staff meeting I snuck back in to the signing while Bobby was between books and slipped them my offering so as not to interrupt the flow of other folks who deserved their attention. I was thanked with appreciative smiles.

So yeah. Know what’s awesome?
Jamie & Bobby Deen.
Know what’s even more awesome?
Getting pulled out of a staff meeting for a personal thank-you hug from Jamie. He told me he’d be looking for the sequel next year.
I believe him.

PS — if you want to catch Jamie & Bobby — they’re signing tonight at the Davis-Kidd in Nashville!