Dragon*Con Scavenger Hunt!

AnthologyBuilder’s Dragon*Con Scavenger Hunt

Our secret agents are stalking the convention circuit looking for AnthologyBuilder badge wearers. If they spot you, you’ll receive a free gift certificate or anthology!

  • WorldCon
  • Dragon Con
  • World Fantasy
  • Philcon

Badges are reusable, so collect and save them for future events!

How to Win at Dragon*Con:

Since DragonCon is so huge, we’re offering a new way to get prizes: Email a photo of your badge collection (or post it online and send us a link) to [email protected]. We’ll distribute prizes to the first 100 people who participate. The best prizes will go to photos that:

(1) include multiple badges
(2) include a costume
(3) are unusually inventive

Want to be a Secret Agent?

Send an email to [email protected] telling us which convention(s) you’ll be attending. Our staff will assign you a mission and provide a small compensation for your time.

My Awesome Badge

Jonesing to create your own anthology? Check out AnthologyBuilder’s archives. I’ve got six stories listed there…it’s a good start!