A Girl Walks Into a Coffee Shop…

Last night, in my continuing efforts to NOT GO HOME so I can FINISH THIS NOVEL, I parked myself at a local Starbucks and rudely eavesdropped on the conversation of Nashville photographer Steve Harman. Student of life that all authors are, I was intrigued by his approach to photography, the questions he asked during the interview with his client, and his repeated emphasis on storytelling, with his subject as the main character.

After the client left, I owned up to my rudeness, introduced myself, and asked for his card. I’m going to be asked for a professional author photo one of these days…and I should probably come up with one that wasn’t taken at a convention. And, as always, everyone gets bonus karma points for supporting local artists.

In the meantime, click on over to Steve’s website and check out some great pics. (I only wish there were more.)

(P.S. — YES, MOM, I got almost 1200 words down. You’ll have Chapter 17 in your hot little hands soon enough. )