The Godfather

As some of you may not know, my esteemed Godfather is Nectar Rorris, founder and former owner of the world famous Nectar’s Restaurant in Burlington, Vermont where the band Phish got their big break. In honor of that–and in honor of The Best French Fries With Gravy in the World–Phish named their fifth studio album "A Picture of Nectar." The man’s face on the orange is, indeed, my godfather — the man who introduced my parents…and got my father so drunk on ouzo the night before his wedding that he had to leave the service three times to be sick.

The spinning sign was made a historical monument so that it could
remain standing after a downtown sign ordinance was passed.

Several years ago, Burlington declared January 27th to be Nectar Rorris Day. (You see what I have to live up to!?!)  In honor of this special occasion, I urge you to have some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Cabot cheese, and maple syrup. (Hopefully not all at the same time.)

I hope you all have a groovy day!