Sk8er Girl: Birthday Princess

Being a Murphyist, I’ve found that the more I absolutely dread things, the more fun they turn out to be. Case in point: Adult Skate Birthday Night. The Ingram Grrls were exceptionally disappointed with the last event, and we were…um…a little vocal about it. Okay, okay, so short of tying Mike to a chair with duct tape and whipping him, we gave him our list of demands for DJing on my birthday. Especially because it WAS my birthday, they pointed out, as they drew butterflies in his flesh with their deadly fingernails. Poor man. He must have been scared to death up in that booth all night.

It seems we should scare Mike to death more often.

What a difference the music makes. One actually WANTS to get out there on the floor and boogie like crazy because one actually KNOWS the lyrics to "Ice, Ice, Baby" and the song actually IS "Ice, Ice, Baby" and not the song that starts out with merely a sampling of same. We were all so exhausted by 9:00 — my feet were killing me and both Lillie and Chuck (yes, there were boys there, you yellow-bellied cowards) fell down when their legs gave out on them.  We ended up packing up and heading out before the finale at 9:30…at which point Mike personally left the booth and came to hug me and apologize, since the last song was to be my song, Bohemian Rhapsody, by special request. But by then I was too tired and too happy to be mad about anything.

Sometimes it really is the thought that counts.

I wore my tiara (courtesy of Lillie) and my awesome new pink skull socks (pictured above, courtesy of nihilistic_kid ), and my new short hair in curly pigtails. Tamela put on her skates and scooted across the carpet like a pro — she better be careful, or we’ll stop helping her because she’s gotten the hang of it. Tracy made her fabulous monkey bread — again by special request from me (I’ve never been a fan of cake). After seeing the orgasmic faces on everyone in the party room, I don’t think anyone minded in the least. And the metric ton of butter & sugar gave us the energy to go out and boogie a bit more.

I made a few new friends — Diana and Wes — and was even wished a happy birthday by some of the regulars (whose names I’ll remember one of these days). And if you haven’t seen the pics already, you can check them out here.

Don’t forget, all you folks who couldn’t make it — we still skate every Thursday night from 6:30 – 9:00. Oh yes, we’ll be there tonight too, whatever the weather! It may be cold outside, but it’s warm under the disco ball…