Check out “Blood & Water” @ IGMS for Free!

Due to the large number of Stoker Recommendations  "Blood and Water" has received from the HWA (thank you!), the lovely crew at IGMS have made "Blood and Water" available to read for free for a limited time. Now’s your chance — click on by and read it while the getting’s good! And if you enjoy your time with the fairytale mermaid-vampire and her pirates, definitely consider purchasing the rest of the issue (including stories by Peter S. Beagle, davidbcoe , and kenscholes ) for only $2.50.

Also, if you’re a member of HWA and haven’t made your recommendations yet, I believe they’re due by midnight EST tonight.

(Note: when you cilck on the page it will still say "Preview" at the top, but the whole story is there. I checked.)

artwork by Nicole Cardiff