Happy Days Meme Five

Technically it’s not "day five" anymore, but who’s counting? I’ll still make it to eight.

Thing that made me happy today: irony.

I realized, after going over my exhaustive list of movies this weekend (while on the crosstrainer at the gym working off all those sausage balls), that 1.) most of the films I watched were period pieces which 2.) have some amazing costumes that 3.) display the virtues–or lack thereof–of the lead characters’ bosoms. Keira, Gwyneth, Hilary, Natalie… I’ve gotta say — there are some skinny ass chicks running around Hollywood these days.

Tops on the list of This Weekend in Movies’ curvy women: the classic Rosemary Clooney.

Second place?
Lindsay Lohan.

Pre rehab days, obviously.