Happy Days meme: Day Three

The "best" way I’ve found so far of curling my hair has been sleeping in perm rollers with newly-dry just-after-a-shower hair. The unfortunate thing is that these are twenty-year-old perm rollers, so the ones that don’t tear half my hair out end up breaking when the elastic loses to the strain of too many years.

Last night I stopped by the Target near work (which wasn’t the horribleawful experience I thought it might be) and stopped by the hair aisle to see if I could get some new rollers. I found some Conair Head-to-Toe spiral rollers — I tried some kind of like this back in the day, so I figured I’d give them a shot.

They were harder to sleep in than I thought they’d be (when I do this again I will try a different pillow), and of course it’s raining today, so the curl is already falling out and will probably be completely gone by the time I leave work for my fancy Christmas Eve dinner.

But for ten minutes this morning, my hair looked AWESOME.
Happy thing number three.