Sk8er Girl: Week Two

Wobbly Jenny tries out the speed skates

I had been looking forward to last night’s Skate Night  all week long. By Monday at 4pm it had already been a helluva week. We invited about a billion people to come with us, but in the end it was just me and Jenny (a.k.a. "Jenger Snaps"). Not that we minded too much…it was still a great time.

This week we met a few more people (Jimmy, Andrea, Brendan), and concentrated on our "crossover" strategy. You know…when you’re going around the curve and you cross your right skate in front of your left skate. The thing is, you have to have enough strength in your left leg that your body’s not scared of attempting it. (Why did none of this bother us when we were 10?) I remembered how to do it eventually. Jenny had a pretty bad fall while concentrating too much. It’s still something we need to work on. At the same time, it’s liberating that we’re totally okay with totally sucking.

This week I also tried a slightly larger skate and two pairs of socks. Of course, since I stayed on the rink longer, what hurts most this morning are my knee and my feet. Turns out even two socks are not the solution to having no padding at the bottom of those skates. (I’ve already got an idea for next time.) In the meantime, I went home, cleaned up, and then ministered to my blister according to Alex Kava‘s advice (lance & alcohol). This morning you can’t even tell there’s a sore. Amazing!

Oh, my feet still know it’s there. Painfully. Yes they do. I’ll be limping around the office today. But it will be a happy limp.
Have a great day!

Ouch! Fun with blisters.