I Have Achieved Elmo

Princess Mia

I got a great letter from my friend Margo (of High School Reunion fame) the other day, and I had to share it. If you have any pictures of your kids with AlphaOops, please send them along!


My two year old daughter is beginning to learn her alphabet.  She has become enchanted with the story of Alpha Oops.  It is a must read at every nap time and every bed time.  She often brings it out during play to ‘read’ by herself.  She enjoys the colorful pictures of all the letters and objects throughout the book.  There is always something new for her to notice and talk about while we are reading.  I am sure we will be reading and enjoying Alpha Oops for many years to come.
Hope to see you soon!
Margo (and Mia)

PS – She had to take the book to nap with her the other day, too.  You have reached Elmo status.

I just fell over dead from Cute.