I Spent Saturday In Bed With Wil Wheaton

…well, I did. Blame it on Scalzi — I ordered the book right after he sent that velvet painting.

Title: Just a Geek
Author: Wil Wheaton
Publisher: O’Reilly
Pub date: June 2004
EAN: 9780596007683
If all you know about Wil Wheaton is Stand by Me and Star Trek’s Wesley Crusher, you don’t know Wil. If you’ve ever visited his website WWdN, then you know more about the man, The Geek himself. Just a Geek is a journey through the origin of WWdN, and covers Wil’s neverending internal struggle between the personification of his Voice of Self Doubt, the ghost of Prove to Everyone That Quitting Star Trek Wasn’t a Mistake, his role as loving husband and stepfather, his acting career, and the discovery of himself–and his true voice–as an author. I laughed; I cried; I read it straight from cover to cover in less than six hours on a Saturday afternoon. For any geek (like me) who’s flirted with the blogsphere, this book is an inspiration, and a reminder of the awesome power of truth, pain, and words.