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American Title IV Countdown Begins!

I’m very excited to publicly announce that I am one of the ten finalists in the American Title IV contest for my contemporary fantasy novel, Voice of the Bard!

American Title works similarly to the TV show American Idol. Ten finalists duke it out with their best material. Romantic Times posts the finalists’ themed excerpts on their website ( every month. Folks vote for their favorite and the two contestants with the fewest amount of votes are eliminated. The winner earns a contract with Dorchester Publishing.

I feel really lucky to be included in this group. The other finalists are very talented women who, I believe, represent the future of romantic fantasy fiction. Of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to beat the pants off of them.

Today’s October 1st and, other than wishing my mom a happy birthday (happy birthday, Mom!) I’m starting the two week countdown to the first day of voting at Headquarters ( There’ll be something new every day from my bio, to reading recommendations and “If You Like” lists, to essays on the writing life, and information about my work including bonus content from and about Voice of the Bard. I’ll also post voting instructions and links to make the whole process as painless as possible. So read, enjoy, interact, and don’t forget to vote on October 15th.

American Title finalist for Voice of the Bard
Voting starts October 15 at