The Lost Art of Everything

Lee mermaid avatarI’m over at the Waterworld Mermaids today discussing the Lost Arts of the Twenty-First Century…like handwriting, phone etiquette, and some other fun things I stumbled upon while doing an internet search that I never would have considered.

What do you think is becoming a New Lost Art?

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In Which I Have a Problem With Reality

Over at the Waterworld Mermaids today, I discuss my present issue with Reality.

I do encourage you to pop on by. I could really use the advice.

Click here to read “The Harsh Light of Day.”

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Princess Alethea’s Tips for Video Blogging

Over at the Waterworld Mermaids today, I share my tips for video blogging. Check out “The Princess and the Vlog” here:

And here’s the latest Fairy Tale Rant (Rapunzel!) just in case you haven’t seen it yet…

Enjoy! xox

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Princess Alethea, Strolling About the Web

Today feels like the TRUE first day of 2014 for me — yesterday was an exhausted flurry of getting Soteria out of the hospital and then working my aunt’s New Years party for 82 hours, so this is my day to jump back in swinging.



First up: I have a blog post today over at Waterworld Mermaids, where I explain what exactly happened over Christmas, details of The Emergency Surgery, and Why My Packing Karma is Strong. Click here to read “There and…Still There.”


Next, hie yourself on over to BOOM! Studios, where I am interviewed as part of a featured series about being a woman in the comics industry. Please take extra special note of my favorite part, which introduces both me and about my publishing background. “Alethea Kontis, a writer who has worked on The Wonderland Alphabet for Archaia as well as numerous other books for others!”

That’s right…OTHER BOOKS FOR OTHERS. Like that one that hit the New York Times List.. Twice Or that other one that got selected for World Book Night 2014. Or that other one that sold 65,000 copies through Scholastic in one month. But really, the only one that matters for this article is THE ONE WE PUBLISHED. (*rolls eyes* *blows New Year’s horn*)

But you know what? AT LEAST THEY SPELLED MY NAME RIGHT. And that’s something.


Lastly, the awesome crew at TBF (Rochester Teen Book Festival) that I am VERY MUCH LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS YEAR (is it May yet?) posted a really superfun interview with MOI over on the TBF site. Mom, you’re going to love the color red they use. Click here to read the interview!


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When Family Christmas Videos Go Viral

The Little MermaidOver at the Waterworld Mermaids today, I’m chatting about this year’s viral sensation “Christmas Jammies” #xmasjammies

It’s a supercute video that’s been seen over seven million times…but this time, watch it again and *think* about it.

I did — read my thoughts here:

I’m interested to know your opinions!

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What I Did On Thanksgiving

Hi, Mom!

So…here’s what I did on Thanksgiving:

Read the article…I’m sure you won’t be surprised. Let’s just say, I enjoyed making a lot of people happy.

Love you!


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In Which Princess Alethea Confuses The World

Princess Alethea ReadingToday over at the Waterworld Mermaids, I talk about writers who do more creative things than just write…like me…and how those writers CONFUSE THE HECK OUT OF PEOPLE.

I credit most of this to Neil Gaiman and his Sandman comics, circa 1993.

Hop on over and check out my True Confessions!

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Because Mom Might Not Have Seen This

…here’s the story of my awesome Dragon Con & how I hurt my thumb, with pictures!

Now, back to writing. New Chapter to you SOON.

Also…got the first box of HERO in. It’s gorgeous! And the endpapers are GREEN!

Only guess what they forgot to include in the first printing?


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You Are Cordially Invited

The Little MermaidHappy August, everyone!

I’m in LA at Vidcon this weekend…where are you?

Since it’s a brand new month, I’m over at the Waterworld Mermaids, talking about…er…something…

I may need your help with this one.

Follow this link over for details…

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Sunday Bonus!

Are you having a fabulous summer so far?

Me too. Know what goes good with summer? Beaches. And you know what goes great with beaches?


Bonnie Wagner asked me to do a guest Mermaid post for her blog to celebrate “Splash Into Summer”, so I let her post my original flash fiction story “Well Behaved Mermaids Rarely Make Fairy Tales.”

Click over there to read it — please comment and enjoy!


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