Princess Alethea’s World-Wide Tiara Birthday Spectacular!

The votes are in, and everybody agrees. Mark your calendars!

What: Princess Alethea’s 35th Birthday Spectacular
When: January 11, 2011
Where: Your blog (or facebook page)
Who: YOU, wearing a tiara!

As discussed previously,35 is my mother’s favorite number. I’m only going to turn 35 once. As it happens, that happy event will occur in less than a month, on 1-11-11. (It’s a Tuesday.) If I don’t do something BIG, I’m going to regret it for the rest of my life. (I generally try not to regret things.)

I’m very excited and it’s a very big deal. As I don’t have the resources to throw a ball worthy of Cinderella (yet), I still want to find a way to celebrate this day with all my favorite people in the world. That’s right, that means YOU.

So here’s the plan: on January 11th (at 11:11, if you can), post a picture of yourself wearing a tiara. Post it on your blog or Facebook, or email it to me and I’ll stick them in the photo album. Camera shy? Post the whole family, or your pets, or your teddy bear wearing a tiara. Don’t have a tiara? Make one out of aluminum foil. Go to this website and make a paper tiara in a few simple steps.

You can do it! It’s easy, it’s cheap, and you now have something to post about on a random Tuesday. Laugh! Have fun! BE ORIGINAL! You have a month to get creative. And please, spread the word! I’m only going to have one 1-11-11 birthday, and I give you all express permission to spam the world about it.

Please help make my birthday the most awesome, shiny 1-11-11 birthday a girl could have. Thank you!

3 Responses to “Princess Alethea’s World-Wide Tiara Birthday Spectacular!”

  1. Roxie Says:

    Hi Alethea,

    I work with your Dad and he took a pic of me wearing your Tiara and holding one of your children’s books, my favorite page is F is for flowers & fairies. Anyway I think this is a fabulous idea and was very excited to wear a tiara for five minutes. Your Dad is a great man, I told him that I was going to friend request you on facebook. Congrats on your AMAZING books!!

    Take Care,
    a new friend in Titusville, FL

  2. A tinfoil tiara for the birthday princess | Jamie Todd Rubin Says:

    […] Happy birthday, Princess Alethea. This one’s for you (with sunglasses so that you’ll recognize me): […]

  3. Firebirdgrrl Says:

    Happy Birthday!

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