Appearance Fees

Would you like Alethea to speak at your school, library, or writing function?

There are many ways to make this happen!

A variety of programs are available at Talkabook!

Join Alethea & Tempest’s monthly writing salon for fun and relaxing games and conversation!


Zoom Chat

30 min/60 min with Alethea Kontis
Cost: $100/$200
Isn’t technology wonderful? Through the magic of Zoom (or your preferred platform), your class/group can hang out with bestselling author princess Alethea Kontis in her own home. Alethea will talk about her journey as a writer, her background in the sciences, the difficulties in publishing, writing habits, her favorite color, the libraries in her house…ask her anything! (She may even take you on a tour!)

Watch an example here:

“Alethea Kontis is a fascinating author! My middle school girls had a wonderful time discussing fairy tales, the Woodcutter sisters, and advice on surviving middle school. She is engaging, entertaining, and so much fun! I highly recommend her books and a Skype or school visit.” –LuAnn O’Hair, Middle School Reading and English, Forgan, OK

Online Panelist

Cost: $200/panel (max 60 min) – $300/panel (if moderator)

Princess Alethea is an experienced, costumed convention-goer. She will breathe life and fun into any panel she is on, and leaves joy and glitter everywhere she goes. She enjoys interacting with people of all ages, especially gifted students and fans of science fiction and fantasy.

“We enjoyed having Alethea Kontis so much as a guest at our science fiction / fantasy convention that we invited her back as a Guest of Honor the next two years!  She is wonderful, participating in panels, writing workshops for young writers, and was game for whatever we asked of her.  We can’t recommend her highly enough.”  –Holly Cunningham Guest Liaison, MarsCon Inc.

Writing Workshop

Alethea Kontis teaches Creative Writing 101
Cost: $300/hour (60-90 min/class)
Limit: up to 20 attendees
Princess Alethea will talk to your group about tenses, points of view, description, dialogue, and voice. Incorporates in-class exercises and encourages sharing. Can be a 1-class workshop, a 6-class workshop, or anything in between. Contact us above to work out details!

My Creative Writing students (grades 9-12) really enjoyed visiting with Alethea Kontis. She shared valuable insight on her writing process and about the industry itself — and was able to field all kinds of questions from them. Her personable demeanor and fun energy make her a natural hit with teens. They also really loved reading her books! ~Angélique Jamail, TX

Multiple Classroom Chat


All Day with Alethea Kontis
Available to: Schools
Cost: $1000 (plus travel expenses and lunch)
Princess Alethea Kontis will come to your school and spend the day. Possible activities: –Informal talk for up to an hour to multiple classrooms throughout the school day
–Reading to kindergarten through fourth grade and discussing picture book creation –Presenting powerpoint slideshow (see above)
–Chatting with English classes about creative writing, her inspirations, and how she got started in publishing.
Newspaper interviews, photo shoots, and all local news media exposure welcome. Alethea can also make copies of her books available for signing–please contact her for details.

Keynote Address

(Speech on a Specific Topic)
Cost: $2500
Princess Alethea will give a speech on the topic of your choice for up to 45 minutes. (Speech will be shorter if a Q&A is desired.)
Newspaper interviews, photo shoots, and all local news media exposure welcome.

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