PA Fantastical Journal Series

I’m excited to announce a new line of books under the Alethea Kontis/Princess Alethea publishing umbrella: The PA Fantastical Journal Series!

You all know how much I love my journals, and how journaling has been a source of healing for me, especially these past two years. And I have my own publishing company… So WHY ON EARTH did it not occur to me a million years ago to MAKE MY OWN JOURNALS????

*forehead slap*

Click this link (or just +Follow my Author Page on Amazon) to see what’s out so far…and check back often! I am already thinking of a Magic School Journal…and a Spooky Journal…and of course a book of Writing Prompts…

Do you have an idea for a journal? Comment and let me know!

Here’s the spiel: Collect them all! Enjoy the sweet, strange, and humorous quotes that are scattered throughout these oversized journals to inspire you. These are YOUR journals, my friends—anything goes! No words are too weird. Open the gorgeous covers and pour your colorful, convoluted subconscious out on these magnificent and artful lined pages! Makes a great gift for any creative soul on your list!

Also…I have also had WAY TOO MUCH FUN writing the descriptions for each of these journals. Be sure to click through to the product pages and read them for yourself! (Heehee… Bring popcorn!)


Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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