Daily Live Reading Series

At the beginning of May, I started a new Live Reading series, simulcast on Instagram and my FB Author Page at 10am ET.

Instagram only holds onto videos for 24 hours, but they’re available in the Videos archive on the FB Page–last week, I read all my stories from the Once Upon anthologies, starting with “The Glass Mountain.”

DO NOT MISS “The Goblin and the Treasure”–it was one of those magical days when everything turns out right, and I had SO MUCH FUN doing that reading! (Look for me in a yellow shirt.) Unlike this morning…when everything just went horribly, horribly wrong. FB crashed and the IG video didn’t save…it was a mess. It was a Monday!

STARTING TOMORROW (because today was a wash–feel free to watch that video in the FB archives too, lol) I will be reading stories set in my fairy tale world of Arilland, beginning with THE UNPUBLISHED CHAPTERS OF THURSDAY WOODCUTTER. (again.)

That’s right — seven chapters of a novel you haven’t seen; 15,000 words about the sister everyone wants to read. Following that will be “Hero Worship,” and maybe “Sweetheart Come.”

I’d like to start next week with “The Seal-Woman’s Tale” and “Blood & Water”…though I’m really going to have to follow that with something uplifting because those two stories are DARK.

Tune in to join the merriment and hear a great tale–I’ll see you then!