April Roundup

Here’s what happened on Patreon in April:
Adventure Level
— #SmileMail Monday
— #FriendlyFriday
— In Which Alethea Narrates ALL THE THINGS
— “The Pros and Cons of Stage Directions” featured in this month’s Apex Magazine
— “As the World Burns,”on IGMS, Apex Magazine, and Notre-Dame
— #StormySaturday (Did you see the new Rainbow Level?)
Sideshow Support Level — LAUNCHED
Essay Level
—  “It’s All Fun and Games” — How being a gamer can give you an edge in this game called Publishing
Exclusive Level
—   Video: Weekends with Princess Alethea – Update
Sneak Peek Level
GAME ON! Anthology Early Cover Peek 
The Little Witch and Wizard full cover and book launch information!
Rainbow Level — LAUNCHED!
Treasure Box Level
—  ICFA Treasures #2
Sideshow VIP Level — LAUNCHED!
THANK YOU ever and always to my Patrons for supporting me and my work! I couldn’t do all this without you! 
~Princess Alethea