Storm Chasing 2018: UPDATE

Okay, Chasers!
(Chasefacers? Twisters? Rainmakers? Or maybe…MY PRETTIES AND YOUR LITTLE DOG, TOO)

Chris has given the green light for us to head out on TUESDAY. Hooray! The forecast doesn’t look like much until next weekend, but leaving Tuesday gives us the opportunity to take our time to get out there, test our cameras, and survey the landscape.

WHAT THIS MEANS: More hardcore work on my to-do list, which includes cleaning up one room of the house every day, so everything’s perfect when I come back exhausted (As in, I even Self-Cleaned my oven yesterday).
I will also work like the dickens to finish “The Chaos Crushers’ Day Off” before then–a tough, but not impossible feat. Part Two of the story will go live tomorrow at 8am to my $10 and up Patrons! I hope you have as much fun reading as I’ve had writing!
Princess Alethea


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