MoAA Interview #26: John Klima

Today, MoAA presents SF editor John Klima!


Alethea Kontis: What’s the best thing about editing?

John KlimaJohn Klima: Working with amazing authors. Seeing the finished project after all the hard work.

AK: What’s the worst thing about editing?

JK: Deadlines.

AK: Finish this sentence: “Editing is like…”

JK: Editing is like finding that fine line the runs among being a friend, a teacher, a therapist, a taskmaster, and an enemy and hoping that you’ve find the right one so that you can make a piece stronger. Good editing work is invisible to the reader but invaluable to the writer.

AK: If you could edit anywhere in the world, where would it be?

JK: A nice quiet library.

AK: Pick five words to describe your latest work.

JK: Glitter. Mayhem. Roller-skating. Magic. Debauchery.

AK: Pick five words to describe you.

JK: Indefatigable. Principled. Gregarious. Loyal. Serious.

AK: What’s your favorite type of tree?

JK: I have a ton of external allergies (most trees particularly evergreens, grass, pollen, ragweed, most animals…) so the outdoors and I have an understanding. I don’t spend much time in it, it doesn’t bother me. But, I think the baobab trees are amazing.

Glitter & MayhemAK: What were you like in high school?

JK: I was a very angsty surly teenager. In a lot of ways I was someone who I don’t like today. I spent a lot of time being angry about things that didn’t matter. I was constantly sad and disappointed by myself and everything around me. A lot of the problem stems from the fact that I had no drive or purpose which left me feeling useless. It was very existential and moody. Thankfully I’ve moved past that these days.

AK: If you could give one piece of advice (writing or otherwise), what would it be?

JK: I’m torn between saying to make sure you get enough rest (which I don’t do so I’d have to give that advice to myself) or to take time away from the computer and your devices every day and do something that makes you happy. I try to start every day taking some extra time to make breakfast. It makes me happy to start that day with a good meal and I get a sense of accomplishment at the same time.

AK: The Colin Harvey Memorial Question: What are 3 things you’d like to do before you die?

JK: 1. Appear on a talk show

2. Take part in a Chopped/Iron Chef-type cooking challenge (not necessarily the televised version; it could be something w/friends)

3. Visit Tokyo


John Klima is the editor of the Hugo Award-winning magazine Electric Velocipede and cool anthologies like Glitter & Mayhem. He maintains a secret identity as a librarian.