The Publicity Machine Rolls On

Some really great quotes on the back...Those following on Facebook (and sometimes Twitter) know that right now publicity for the paperback of Enchanted is the LAST thing on my mind right now, as my niece undergoes a very dangerous heart surgery up in Burlington, VT.

But, as my very wise and significantly more published friends have reminded me, the publishing machine does not stop for us, or our troubles.

I appreciate all the efforts of fellow bloggers and podcasters to help further the sales of my books — I implore to you check out all of these things, and enjoy!

Meanwhile, I’m going to be over here doing more work and waiting for  updates on Alana. Stay tuned to Facebook for more. xox


* Jonah Knight invited me back to the Pros and Cons podcast while I was still in CA to chat about Nebula Awards Weekend. Have a listen here. (length: 19:00)

* The Regency Inkwell posted a fabulous interview with me about Enchanted and my writing process.  Read that here.

* I completed a very long (and very fun!) interview on Kids Books Ink…and they published it almost immediately. Thanks, guys! Check that out here.

* And just in case you haven’t purchased a paperback copy of Enchanted for yourself and your ten closest friends, you can just follow this link here and take care of that.