Saturday May 4 — Loudoun Local Authors Fair

Come one, come all!


Local Authors Fair
Cascades Library
21030 Whitfield Place, Sterling, VA
Saturday, May 4, 10:00 am-5:00 pm
This is your opportunity to meet and talk with many authors from our area who will discuss their latest works, chat with you, and sign books.  All ages, all day!
Of course, like many such events, I’m having a heck of a time trying to find 1.) a list of authors and 2.) a list of when those authors are reading. So far I’ve found this:
10:15-10:25am   Sofie Couch
10:25-10:35am   Robert Sanábria
10:35-10:45am   Bette McNicholas
10:45-10:55am   Pamela Kinney
11:10-11:20am   Lane Stone
11:20-11:30am   Kelly Philbrick
11:30-11:40am   Mark Katz
11:45-11:55am   Lisa Schaefer
11:55am-12:05pm K. Victoria Chase
12:05-12:15pm   Sue Vijh
12:15-12:25pm   Bud Orr
12:30-12:40pm   Deborah Parker
12:40-12:50pm   Sharon Burtner
12:50-1:00pm    Richard Lowry
1:00-1:10pm     Sandra Kovacs Stein
1:15-1:25pm     James Hackley
1:25-1:35pm     Phyllis Langton
1:35-1:45pm     Matt Iden
1:45-1:55pm     Leonard GreenbergPretty Princess Alethea…and then if you’re a children’s author (LIKE ME), your reading is in the Children’s Story Room:

11:45am-12:00pm Jennifer Chambers *
12:00-12:15pm Suzanne Walls *
12:15-12:30pm Clara Bowman-Jahn *
12:30-12:45pm Onjeinika Brooks *
12:45-1:00pm Alethea Kontis *
1:00-1:15pm Val Muller
1:15-1:30pm Fran Orr
1:30-1:45pm Bobbi Carducci
1:45-2:00pm Sharon Solomon

The star by my name means that I will be reading during my scheduled author time, so the lovely Fairy GodBoyfriend will be in attendance to help me set up & take down & watch the table while I’m away.

I am technically supposed to take down my table the minute I’m finished my reading, but if people want books signed, I WILL STAY TO SIGN BOOKS. We’ll figure something out.

I will have lots of free swag, copies of all my books, and art prints from THE WONDERLAND ALPHABET. I accept cash and credit cards. I will be dressed in full princess regalia and am happy to take pictures with anyone and everyone.

Looking forward to a great time!