Hero Final Cover

I’ve been getting lots of questions about Advance Reading Copies (ARCs) of Hero, so I thought it would be best to answer them here.

1.) YES! I’ve just been notified that there WILL be ARCs of Hero available. I have no idea where or when, but they will definitely be made available.

2.) I am not the person to ask for an ARC of Hero. Reviewers should email my publicist, the lovely Jennifer Groves, at Harcourt. (jennifer.groves at

3.) NO, I have no idea who the model is on the cover, but it’s not Tara from Enchanted. Which makes sense, as this book is about Saturday, not Sunday.

4.) Hero will be available October 1st. This is not a “hard” street date, meaning that if bookstores get it early, they are allowed to put it out (and you are allowed to buy it!). If you preorder the book on Amazon, it will not show up at your house until October 1st, because that is the date Amazon recognizes as the street date. That’s just the way it goes.

Now…to finish up a few more things before I fly to Florida to start Beloved. But first: SLEEP!