MoA&A Interview #3: Scott Roberts

Hello, everyone! Welcome to July, and the Month of Artist and Author Interviews here on the website!

Today’s interview features fellow SF writer, Northern Virginian, Codexian, and Orson Scott Card Boot Camper (Class of 2003) Scott Roberts!

(I swear, it’s like we’re twins or something. Or something. And seriously…he NEVER AGES. Look! I present 9-year-old photographic evidence below. Then again, Eric & Uncle Orson and I all pretty much look the same too. Hmm…)


Author or Artist?
Author. I can’t draw worth spit.

Who are your professional role models?
Orson Scott Card, Stephen King, and Ray Bradbury are my strongest influences.

What’s your favorite writing/sketching weather?
There was a character in Huxley’s Brave New World who summed it up best: someplace gloomy, rainy and cold. There’s a reason NaNoWriMo takes place in November…

Set your current playlist/musical device to “shuffle all” and hit PLAY. What’s the first song that comes up?
Girl with the Red Balloon, by the Civil Wars. You have no idea how grateful I am to be able to say that honestly. In my family, we share all our music, which means I’ve got some pretty embarrassing kids’ tunes on my iPhone.

If you could win any award, which would it be?
World’s richest, sexiest, most talented, most admired, and best Dad ever for all eternity.

Would you rather have magical powers, or a spaceship?
Magical Powers. I don’t like driving on Earth, and I don’t expect that I’d be able to truly appreciate the intergalactic version of the experience. There are a number of clever things I’d do with magical powers, but I’m going to refrain from elaborating as I don’t wish to incriminate myself.

What was your favorite book as a child?
Age 8: Encyclopedia Brown
Age 10: The Shannara Series
Age 14: Les Miserables

What thing do you wish you could go back in time and tell your 10-year-old self?
Don’t let fear of immediate dismemberment stand in the way of standing up to Mike ‘Hacksaw’ Logan.

What’s your favorite constellation?

What’s your favorite fairy tale?
The Ice Queen, without a doubt.

What thing are you most proud of?
I have a family that is pretty fantastic. I can’t take all the credit for this, but seriously– there’s nothing else I’ve accomplished that even comes close to how excited I am to share my life with my kids and wife.

The Colin Harvey Memorial Question: Name 3 things on your List of Things to Do Before You Die.
1) Gain magical powers.
2) Go back in time and stand up to Hacksaw Logan. Also, stop him from dismembering me. It will take all my newfound magical prowess.
3) Learn to enjoy driving.

Scott M. Roberts is a man who has done despicable things with a spoon. In addition to tableware debauchery, he writes science fiction, fantasy, and horror. His work has appeared in many places, and sometimes in languages even humans can read.

Scott lives in northern Virginia with his family and a motley troupe of wizards, detectives and crazy persons.  Online, you can find him at