The Princess of Light and Dark

Ariell’s beautiful and talented friend Natalie drew this picture of me, for me, and it is so many kinds of fabulous that I wanted to share it with you…and discuss some things.


First of all, I am fabulous and gorgeous. I have huge eyes and awesome cleavage and the tiara is perfect and this dress ROCKS. So far, she’s got me pegged, spot on.  (When I get back to DC, I’m totally asking Ashley if she can make this dress for me.)

But the part I love the most is the hands. One hand is full of magical fairy dust, as if a unicorn has just spit in my hand. I have POWER and it is MADE OF FAIRIES, and if this portrait wasn’t black and white, you know it would be full of rainbows.

The other hand, however, is masked in darkness. I love this. I do have some darkness in me, but a very small percentage. I’d guess…about a hand’s worth. This could be a glove…but I like to imagine that it’s my skin, or the magic beneath my skin. The little bit of madness, swirling beneath the surface.

I wonder which hand is more powerful — the dark, or the light? And then I remember that I don’t need an answer to that question because I am both. Both are me. THIS should be my author photo. It’s just too scarily perfect.

I love you to pieces. I am so honored to have this.


If you or your child (or your dog) would like to draw a picture of me (or one of my characters), I do have an album of fan art on my Facebook Fan Page (click here to check it out). You don’t have to be some famous professional artist to bepart of it, you just have to email me a picture (akontis at gmail) or mail it to me at PO Box 2024, Ashburn VA 20146.