Princess Elsewhere

Today’s my day to blog over at Waterworld Mermaids — the topic is dialogue. If you have the time and inclination, please hop on over and share whatever insight you have!


Also, my post-apocalyptic dystopian SF story “The Unicorn Tree” has been podcasted over at Cast of Wonders. The story was originally published in the Zero Gravity anthology from Pill Hill Press in Summer 2010.

It’s narrated by the fabulous Margeurite Kenner. By day, Margeurite is an executive admin. for a large intellectual property law firm. By night, she’s an avenging hero with superpowers such as rock climbing, aikido, music (she is a classical percussionist), gaming, sewing costumes, and reading anything and everything. You can find out what’s on her mind at

And yes, before any of you ask…I am Katie. Very, very much so.

Have a great Monday, everyone!