Winners & Things

A few announcements I don’t want to forget to post:

* The winner of the March 28th Recipe Blog contest is Sandra Davis! Sandra’s name will go into the hat with all the rest of March’s winners of the Fool for Romance contest. If her name is drawn there as well, she could win a virtual boatload of awesome prizes, including a Kindle and a D-H prize pack that includes a Dark-Hunter Companion signed by both me and Sherri. Congrats, Sandra!

* AlphaOops: H is for Halloween is still on sale at Amazon for only $8.71 — that’s 46% off, which is a better discount than I can get straight from the publisher. I think I have an idea why this strange thing is occurring…which I’ll explain at length later. For now, if you (or your library) doesn’t have a copy of this fabulous, critically-acclaimed picture book, now’s the time to pick one (or several – they make great gifts!) up.

* Speaking of…AlphaOops was recently mentioned in the review of another alphabet book on In the review, A is for Zebra was compared to AlphaOops, the latter of which was referred to as a “classic.”Which makes me squee more than a little bit. I am such a Diva. A Classic Dr. Seuss Diva.