If a writer plans to include a significant other in her life, this person needs to understand a LOT. It helps if this person is an avid reader. It helps if this person already has friends who are crazy, emotional, melodramatic, workaholic writers. It helps if this person is internet or technologically savvy. It helps if this person is perfectly okay being in the same room while the person they love is on a completely different planet. It helps if this person is realistic and sane and patient, if only when you need them to be.

The Fairy GodBoyfriend is all these things. He is my Touchstone.

Last night, after the Fairy Gooddaughters went to bed, I told FGB that we needed to talk. He was probably scared to death. Which he really shouldn’t be, because by now he should know that my very serious discussion are usually about things like “Which pancake recipe would go best with blueberries?” or “Should I put the plants outside before we go to your parents’ for the weekend?” But last night I had a dilemma, and I needed his help.

You guys know I have this huge list of things to do. I love my lists. I always have a list. If I ever find myself idle, I just go back and refer to the list. There is *always* something to do. I am never bored. But the list I’m working on now seems to have 5 or 6 things on it that all seem like Very Important Things to Do. The problem with all of those Very Important Things to Do is that one is not quite sure where to start digging first. So I laid them all out for him and asked him his thoughts on what my priorities should be.

Not only did he have an answer, he had a very good reason for that answer, and I went to bed with a plan of attack for the next day. I like having plans. Almost as much as I like having lists.

Thanks, sweetie, for being my tether back down to earth.

Now if you all will excuse me, I have a shower and a load of work to do today. FGB’s going to be checking in on me soon expecting a progress report. Have a good Monday!