Alethea’s Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Week

Last week sucked. It just did. For whatever reason, I had a migraine just about every day (I think at that point they are classified as “cluster headaches” or “suicide headaches.” Guess why). I laid on the couch and watched TV a lot, when I wasn’t sleeping or reading or just plain miserable. And yesterday the Fairy Goddaughters were out of school, so it made for a nice break.

So yes, today I will be catching up on the 84 messages in my inbox (that do include the RWA classes I’m taking but not the RWA yahoo loop posts…my GOD those people talk a lot). No need to ask me if I’ve gotten it…I probably have an just haven’t responded yet. Oh — and my editor gets first dibs. Sorry, folks.

I was also remiss in mentioning an interview with me that went live on author Maya Lassiter’s site. In it I explain why I don’t believe in Writer’s Block (99% of the time it’s just laziness). And yet I had Writer’s Block for almost six years, thanks to a hormone-screwing drug. Click here and read all about it.

More updates on life tomorrow. Promise. Just pray I get out of the weeds enough to catch up.

How has your week been so far?