Ice Capades, Part Deux

I heard there was more bad weather in our future, so I went out yesterday and risked borderline frostbite to dig my car out of the igloo it was already in, before it froze over and I had to hire a jackhammer to extract it. I got it moved, the snow plow guy came and bulldozed my space free of snow (mostly), and I undressed into the washing machine when I got in the door and ran my fingers under cold water while screaming for a good ten minutes. (I really don’t think I’ve ever experienced something so painful.)

And, sure enough, the Fairy Goddaughters’ school was delayed two hours…for about two hours until they just threw in the towel and closed it all together. It doesn’t look THAT bad outside…but ice can be deceiving, and I don’t enjoy tempting fate. I’ll just sit here with my hot cocoa, looking out the window while I cheer on the snow plow guy, and wait for Spring.