In Which The Fairy GodBoyfriend Makes Fun of the Publishing World

As you lovely folks may or may not know, the famous and lovable Fairy Godboyfriend (who sometimes answers to “Joe” or “Tomo”), used to have a very popular site on teh intarwebs known as Tomoview. What MST3K did for horrible movies, Joe did for horrible literature. (Though calling it “literature” is kind of a stretch.) Think slush pile horror stories…to the billionth degree.

Last year, Joe had too much on his plate to continue posting on the website, and he took it down. Things have finally calmed down, and he’s ready to jump back in the (very scary) deep end again. He has relaunched the site as a blog, which you can bookmark and/or follow by clicking this link.

Those not familiar with Joe’s site need to know: Most of the titles are in the horror genre. Not all subjectmatter is appropriate for all ages (or appropriate for some people in general). You may not enjoy Joe’s caustic sense of humor, and that’s okay. These are books published by actual people — both small press and large (but usually small). They are for put up sale and therefore public consumption. Joe’s site is living proof that you have no say over your baby once you put it out there. All its great parts and horrible parts are yours to own up to.

While I only review books that I enjoy on IGMS, Joe will only make comments on titles that stink…because they are funny. (I kind of hope he posts his secret review of the first chapter of Snooki’s book, because it was HILARIOUS.)

As a rule, I do not like laughing at people. But Joe makes me laugh and remember the very high standards to which I hold both myself and my writing.

Because on Tomoview, no one is safe.