What’s Your Address?

‘Tis the season for awards nominations and holiday card mailing…have you moved this year? Do you have a new address? Now would be the time to go into all those places — especially all those lovely writing associations you belong to (HWA, SFWA, RWA, SCBWI, YARWA, OMGWTFBBQ). People are going to want to send you things, and I know we both don’t have the money to constantly be forking over to USPS for forwarding packages.

Go on! Shoo! Do it now, before you forget.

Remember — I *did* move this year (several times), and I have a shiny new address you’re all welcome to use and share with your friends. Here it is again:

Alethea Kontis
PO Box 2024
Ashburn, VA 20146

Happy holidays!


My 2010 award-eligible stories here, for your convenience.

In no particular order:
(F = fantasy, H = horror, SF = science fiction)

(F/H) “Sweetheart Come” from John Skipp’s Werewolves and Shape Shifters: Encounters with the Beasts Within
(F/H) “The God of Last Moments” from Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Gordon’s Dark Faith
(SF/H) “Black Hole Sun” (co-authored with Kelli Owen) from Jason Sizemore’s Dark Futures: Tales of Dystopian SF
(H) “Life’s a Beach” (co-authored with Ariell Branson) from Jason Sizemore’s Apexology: Horror (e-book)
(SF/H) “Pocket Full of Posey” from Rick Novy’s 2020 Visions
(F/H) “Blue and Gray & Black & Green” from Michael Knost’s Legends of the Mountain State 4
(F/H) “Diary of a Ghost’s Mistress” from Shroud Magazine Issue #9
(F/H) “Red Lantern” from Shroud Magazine Issue #10 (Halloween issue guest edited by Kevin Lucia)
(SF/H) “Savage Planet” from Jessy Marie Roberts’s The Four Horsemen: An Anthology of Conquest, War, Famine & Death
(SF) “The Way of the Restless” from Jessy Marie Robert’s Patented DNA
(SF) “The Unicorn Tree” from Alva J. Roberts’s Zero Gravity: Adventures in Deep Space

If you are a member of an award-nominating society and would like to read any of these stories, please email me your request  (akontis at gmail) and I’ll be happy to send it along.