Where The Eagles Stand

As mentioned earlier, today is Game Day. We’re off to Philly this morning to watch the Eagles vs. Redskins game at 4pm. Yup, tailgating and standing-room-only tickets and everything.Definitely something I’ve never done before. Luckily, I’m always game to try new things.

FGB has told me lots of things I need to know beyond the McNabb move, like that Michael Vick did some horrible things and spent some time in Federal lock-up and is not a very nice guy, but thanks to the first-string guy getting injured he got so show his stuff–and did so decently–and they’ve kept him in.You know, important stuff like that.

Am I a football fan? As much as I am a soccer fan, I suppose. I just like being fans of things. I like cheering for people. I don’t approve of booing and heckling, though. I have too much of a stage background for such things. The rule is that if people are up onstage, you NEVER boo, no matter how terrible. They had the guts to get on that stage in the first place, which is more than most people are brave enough to do. And besides, I’m a princess. It doesn’t become me.

So if you’re in Philly today, look for me. I’ll be the one standing on a ramp or in a walkway somewhere, not booing, wearing an Eagles t-shirt but secretly keeping a watchful eye on Donovan McNabb.