Picture Posts

I love pictures. Love them. Always have. You’ll see lots of pictures on this site. The digital age is a double-edged sword because we can take as many pictures as we want of absolutely everything, but slowly dwindling are the days of sitting around the table sifting through Nanny’s albums and boxes of memories. I love doing that, love seeing the faces of people when they recall a place or a person or a moment in their past.

Does anyone nowadays sit down for hours and sift through photos? Since I got a Picasa album I find myself doing it from time to time, but those are only of the past few years. I have god knows how many files on random flash drives somewhere.

I try to be as diligent as I can about posting things I want to share — like convention photos — as soon as humanly possible (even straight from the con, if time allows). That way, everyone can sit down and sift throught them and relive fond memories as soon as possible.

One of the other albums I like to stay on top of is the AlphaOops Album. (Did you even know I had one? I do! Click this link to go there.) I absolutely LOVE getting pictures from my fans…especially the little ones. I mean, apart from Christmas, how many of you get to see your friends’ kids on a regular basis? Seeing them with AlphaOops, and those smiles on their faces…it just makes me all gushy inside. (I’m a gushy-on-the-inside kind of princess.)

Got a picture of you with AlphaOops? Well, take one and send it to me! I’d love to add you to my album. (If you’ve sent one, or tagged it on Facebook, and don’t see it here but would like to, please send it to me again. Like Nanny, sometimes the stuff in the shoebox gets misplaced.)

I’d also like to remind you of one of my hard-and-fast rules regarding the posting of pictures of children: I will not post a picture of your child without your permission. When sending your picture, it would be very helpful if you tell me 1.) if I have permission to post the picture and 2.) what name(s) you would like to use.

If you do not reply to my email asking you for permission to post the picture, I will not. If you tag me in the picture on Facebook, I assume you don’t mind if the picture is public, since I select the option that “everyone” can view my profile. (But I will probably ask you anyway…as Kevin and Matt can tell you. I dropped them a line before posting Reeve’s & Madison’s pictures here.)

Some parents don’t mind having the full child’s name listed. Some prefer first name only, and some have asked me to only list them by first letter. I fully respect all of these wishes. Your privacy is your right.

Please don’t stop sending the pictures, though — I know who you are, and I love to see your smiles.

Have a great weekend!