I Have a Library Card!

That’s right — here it is! My very first library card since I was a Children’s Librarian at the Smyrna Public Library in Tennessee 10 years ago. I was sort of giddy when I turned in my application…the Librarian who put in my info thought it was kind of cute. (I hope.)

The Ashburn Public Library a gorgeous library — it’s been there for seven years. There are very high ceilings and lots of natural light, and there is a TON of stuff to do. They have a poetry and story workshop for adults and teens, a Vampire discussion in a few weeks, storytimes every day, and various events around the county. I took a few pamphlets and flyers, and then checked in at the Children’s desk to introduce myself.

It always feels a bit weird and self-serving doing stuff like that, but  (unlike some bookstore employees) most people can tell if you’re honest or if you’re just being a slimeball used car salesman. If you are an author, I encourage you to make yourself known to your local library. Especially if you’re a children’s author, if you have any acting experience whatsoever, or if you like to work with teens. Libraries are always happy to have volunteers on their side, and a published author in their back pocket whom they can call at a moment’s notice is never a bad thing.

In fact, my library was so wonderful and welcoming, I’m adding a corollary to the AlphaOops Scavenger Hunt/Photo Contest. In addition to bookstores, please feel free to visit your local library and ask after AlphaOops: H is for Halloween. If they have it, I’d love a picture of it with the librarian. If they don’t have it, or it’s checked out, the alternate “OOPS” sign applies. You have another week, so get those cameraphones ready!

For the rest of the rules and contest details, click here. Now go visit your library!