The Dragon Scavenger Hunt

One of the great things about a Con as huge as Dragon*Con is living through it vicariously. Thanks to all the newfangled inventions the whippersnappers of the twenty-first century have drummed up, there are tons of ways you can check out what’s going on as it happens…and even before it happens.

There’s already a buzz going on Twitter if you follow #dragoncon. Dragon*Con TV has already got a clip live called “Klingon Apartment” — you can watch it here. (Not my favorite bit, but I do like the t-shirt the guy on the left is wearing.) You can also check out the slew of updates, articles and interviews over at The Daily Dragon. Once it was just a colored flyer you grabbed each morning to check schedule changes — now The Daily Dragon has its own website and gets the ball rolling far ahead of time. There’s an interview with JF Lewis and one with Robert J. Sawyer… Heck, I already feel behind!

While scrolling back and perusing articles I’ve missed these past few days, I stumbled across the Unofficial Dragon*Con Photo Scavenger Hunt! I am SO incredibly tempted to snag a few of the items on this list, just because they’re hilarious…and Kodak moments in themselves for geeks anywhere.

The list:

1. Picture of yourself receiving your Badge
2. Four people waiting in line doing the YMCA (people do this? Ha…they will now!!)
3. Two people wearing the same t-shirt
4. Steampunk version of a non-Steampunk character*
5. Someone dressed up as a character from I Dream of Jeannie
6. A costume made completely out of duct tape (yeah. I’ve seen that chick.)
7. A Double Rainbow reference
8. Someone with a Lifetime Badge
9. Five Zombies*
10. Stormtrooper sweeping someone offstage at the Masquerade (I’ve never actually attended the Masquerade. I prefer to watch the madness from the green room.)
11. The pirate ship float during the Parade
12. Someone that has given blood at the Blood Drive
13. People eating in costume at a local restaurant
14. Group of people filking (How would a picture denote filking?)
15. An empty elevator at an official Dragon*Con hotel (One has to break sometime.)

16. An Alien and Predator together*
17. A dead Red Shirt*
18. Three Slave Leia’s*
19. A Lego Star Wars costume*
20. Someone wearing Jayne’s orange hat*
21. Doctor Horrible*
22. Two Cylon Sixes*
23. A character from James Cameron’s Avatar with a character from Avatar the Last Airbender* (my personal favorite)
24. Two people in Star Trek uniforms from different series* (You could totally get this at the parade.)
25. Any one of the eleven Doctors brandishing a sonic screwdriver* (oooh, I got one of these a couple of years ago! Parade!)
26. A member of a Stargate Team with a Goa’uld, Tok’ra, or Jaffa*

27. Four people wearing scarves from each of the Harry Potter houses*
28. Gandalf the Grey with Gandalf the White* (don’t think I’ve ever seen a Gandalf the White…)
29. Any vampire costume not Twilight related

30. An original Adam West Batman*
31. A Superman comic book cover from between 1960 and 1970
32. At least 3 X-Men together*
33. A non-Christopher Nolan Joker* (HELLS YES. Gods, I hate that costume.)
34. A Silver Age comic costume*

35. A cosplay from an anime that aired before the year 2000*
36. A full-size costume of an animated robot*
37. Marvin the Martian in any form (score!)

For more information, the full list, and details on fabulous prizes, click on over to The Daily Dragon!