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Title: The Immortals
Author: J.T. Ellison
EAN: 9780778327639

The cool thing about J.T Ellison is not that her Taylor Jackson novels could easily be converted into CSI: Nashville (and more well done, at that), it’s that she’s lived in a lot of the same places I’ve lived, so her novels always feel like they’re playing out right in my backyard. Anyone who has lived in or around Nashville, or in and around the Northern Virginia/DC area, will know that Ellison speaks from an intimate knowledge of the area. Because no matter how much researching an author does on the internet, he/she is never going to know things like how annoyingly small the spaces in the Tennessean parking lot are. (Read more…)

Title: Terrier
Author: Tamora Pierce
EAN: 9780375838163

Title: Bloodhound
Author: Tamora Pierce
EAN: 9780375838170

My first fictional true love was George Cooper, King of Thieves and consort of Lady Alanna of Trebond. So I had no problem at all sitting down to a couple of chunky books about Beka Cooper, George’s ancestor. Beka is from the wrong side of the tracks, but the right side of the law. Back in this day and age the Lord Provost’s men are called Dogs. Their trainees are called Puppies. Beka, more in thanks to her infamous stubbornness than her debilitating shyness, gets teamed with two of the best Dogs in Corus: Guardswoman Clara Goodwin and Guardsman Matthias Tunstall. (Read more…)