Audio: “A Multiple Choice Love Story”

The July issue of Apex Magazine is now online for your reading pleasure!

I had a BLAST reading this month’s audio fiction: “A Multiple Choice Love Story” by Terra LeMay. It was a fun read, because of all the parenthetical inserts and possible alternatives as the story goes on — it was a challenge to read aloud that I took up immediately. I had to decide what voices I was going to read the parenthesis in…a different enough voice so that the listener would still have the same awesome experience as reading all the grammatical paradigms, but not an accent that would be too distracting.

Click HERE to give it a listen. Let me know what you think.

Don’t be too confused when you click over — the title listed is “Shrödinger’s Pussy.” When you click to play the audio, you’ll hear me tell you it’s “A Multiple Choice Love Story.” Such is the way of ever-shifting titles in publishing…we just like to keep you on your toes.It’s our was of thinking outside the box.