Apex Army Recruiting

You enjoy science fiction. You’re addicted to the computer. You’ve got some time on your hands. You like free stuff.

Kid, have I got the job for you.

Anyone, that’s right, ANYONE can be a member of the Apex Army. There are four ways to do it.

1.) Review some Apex books or stories from the magazine on your blog/FB/Twitter account. Where do you find those books & stories? HERE. Don’t like reading online and you’re printer’s out of paper? Have stories READ to you by fabulous authors! HERE is the latest one. There are links to others at the bottom. And dude..seriously…TWITTER. You can do a review in 140-characters or less. I dare you.

2.) Fly the Apex blog widget.

3.) Fly the Apex Amazon widget. (Check it out here on the right.)

4.) Fly one of Apex’s many lovely banners. (There are some right here you can copy & paste.)


BONUS.) If you are lazy and have extra money lying around (or if you were going to buy some books ANYWAY), check out the investment options when you donate to the magazine. Discounts, free books, free mugs, free shot glasses, and your name in print — all for $100 or less!

Go on, have some fun. You know you want to. WE certainly want you to.