Short and Sweet

As we all gear up for the release of DARK FAITH anthology at the end of the month (it launches at Mo*Con), the Apex Blog will be featuring “daily devotionals” — a quick, five-question interview with each author from the book. Today is my day for being devotional — I admit, I had a bit of fun with my questions. Tomorrow the reins are handed off to my dear friend Mary Robinette Kowal. So keep checking back!

In addition, Jason has also posted my bio from the book, which I also had a bit of fun with. It seems lately that I’ve had to write an incredible number of bios for people. I don’t want to talk about MYSELF, silly, I want to write stories about OTHER PEOPLE. The day Maurice asked for this one, I was in a bit of a mood…a mood that smelled a bit like poppies and vinegar. It shows. Thing is, I kind of like it.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a snippet from the story. Just to whet your appetite, I’ll post another one here.

Want to check out the interview first? Click here.

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Max received the package from his mother three weeks after her funeral. She had come to him just the night before in his dreams; he’d scolded her for her continued attempts to meddle in his life. Without a word she had lifted great wings and flew flown away, a perfect image of the guardian angels she’d always sworn walked beside her. Such was the way of dreams.

The package, however, was not a dream. It didn’t appear harmful or potentially hazardous. It was white and padded and metered with the correct postage. There were a few stamps and stickers and scuffmarks declaring its delicate nature and boasting of a long and possibly strenuous overseas journey, but nothing that gave any hint as to the contents or the intent of the sender. In fact, there was nothing particularly strange or unique about the package at all, apart from two slightly odd things.

The first odd thing was that the package had his name clearly printed on it above his mother’s address, the address where he and Rose had spent the last few days clearing out clutter and deciding what to do with the rest of their lives. A decision Max would have been happy to put off for just this side of forever.

The second odd thing was that it was from his mother.