My Biggest Fan

Yes, Mom, technically you and Dad are my biggest fans. Going into Books-a-Million and B&N and causing scenes when you discover that AlphaOops is sold out and toting signed copies to your class reunions ranks you right up there.

But Griffin Hall totally floored me.

Greg over at Funky Werepig told me during our infamous two-hour-long Valentine’s Day interview that his son Griffin LOVED the book I signed for him back at Horrorfind, so much so that he asked if he could donate another copy to his school library. He also announced that I was one of his Top Three Girlfriends. I was immensely flattered. When I mentioned Friday’s reading at The York Emporium, Greg told me that he was going to bring Griffin to meet me. I was very excited, but then, I’m always excited to meet the fabulous children of my fabulous friends — wouldn’t *you* be curious to know who’s going to take over the world?

But nothing prepared me for the dashing, wide-eyed gentleman in the bright orange jacket who bowed politely and said quite formally, “My good Princess, I am Prince Griffin.”

What does one do to that but blush and curtsy? So I did. “It is an honor to meet you, Prince Griffin. I’ve heard so much about you.”

“I would like to present you with my autograph.” He handed me a fabulous picture of himself, with AlphaOops, at his school library. He bade me turn it over and on the back, he had inscribed a personal message to me.

All you girls reading this take note: It is one thing to be called a Princess — it’s quite another to be treated like one.

Right then and there Griffin Hall stole my heart — though can a thing be stolen if wrapped in pretty bows and given freely? Griffin gave me confidence and made me smile all through my reading…and interview…and subsequent reading…and interview…that was televised and will be running on Channel 16 (? I think it’s 16. I’ll post more details when I have them). The picture of Griffin and me that Jim took has been on the front page of the York Daily Record site for three days now.

I felt fabulous and famous and cherished and special long after the event was over and all my friends and family (I love you Aunt Theda & Uncle Dave & Cousin Alex!) had parted ways for the evening.

This Princess thanks you again, Prince Griffin, for deigning to attend my humble gathering on Friday night, and for making me feel welcome…and wonderful. It is an honor to be one of your Top Three Girlfriends. I wish you lots of love & hugs & happiness.

And you be careful with that Charm. Remember to always use your powers for GOOD.